How to get your first job as a designer

Starting your journey to secure your first job as a designer is an exciting venture. In a field that thrives on creativity, standing out is critical.

Hone Your Design Essentials

Before diving into the job market, ensure you have a strong foundation in design principles, colour theory, typography, and relevant design tools. Keep your skills sharp and stay abreast of current design trends.

Diverse Portfolio

Move beyond the conventional junior roles by focusing on crafting a diverse and captivating portfolio. Take advantage of Brief Up's curated designer briefs to embark on projects that challenge and refine your skills, providing a dynamic showcase for potential employers.  Sign Up For Free.

Illuminate Your Creative Process

Employers appreciate designers who can articulate their creative journey. Utilize your portfolio to present finished designs and narrate the story from concept to completion. Brief Up's designer briefs provide a platform to explore and showcase this unique process.

Connect and Collaborate

Engage with the design community by attending events, participating in online forums, and collaborating with fellow designers. Networking can lead to mentorship, collaborative projects, and potential job opportunities.

Personalize Your Resume and Portfolio

Tailor your resume and portfolio for each application. Craft your presentation to align with the specific ethos of the role you're applying for.

Embrace Design Challenges

Many design job interviews involve practical challenges. Utilize Brief Up's designer briefs to refine your skills and prepare for real-world design scenarios that may be presented during interviews.

Seek Feedback and Continuous Improvement

You'll always learn in this role, so it's important to seek feedback from all interviews, successful or not. 

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