Luke's Iced Coffee

A new up and coming Iced coffee company are in need of some branding.


1. Introduction:

Luke's Iced Coffees is embarking on an exciting venture and is seeking the perfect branding to complement its groundbreaking coffee recipe. They have identified the need for a strong brand identity to distinguish itself in the market, targeting a millennial audience. As a newcomer, Luke's Iced Coffees aims to capture attention and edginess and establish a solid foundation for future business growth.

2. Project Objectives:

  • Creating a distinctive and memorable brand identity for Luke's Iced Coffees.
  • Establishing a strong connection with the target audience of millennials.
  • Enhancing social media visibility through easily shareable branding elements.
  • Preparing the groundwork for the subsequent development of a website.

3. Target Audience:

The target audience for Luke's Iced Coffees is millennials who appreciate innovative and trendy products. Understanding the preferences, lifestyles, and aspirations of this demographic will be crucial in shaping the brand personality.

4. Brand Personality:

Luke's Iced Coffees envisions a brand personality that is both edgy and cool. The design should resonate with modern sensibilities while also allowing for a touch of vintage charm. The brand should convey qualities such as innovation, approachability, and a genuine connection with its audience.

5. Brand Positioning:

Positioning Luke's Iced Coffees as a unique and quality-focused brand in the market is crucial. The brand should stand out from competitors, focusing on differentiation from the main competitor, Jimmy's Iced Coffee. The goal is to become easily recognisable, especially on social media platforms.

6. Current Brand Assets:

There are currently no existing brand assets, providing an open canvas for creative exploration. The design team can propose a brand-new visual identity, including logos, colour schemes, and typography.

7. Scope of Work:

The scope of work includes the creation of:

  • Logo and brand elements.
  • Packaging design for cartons.

8. Tips:

  • The main competitor is Jimmy's Iced Coffee.
  • Design should be easily recognisable for social media sharing.
  • The branding will be printed on the front of the cartons.


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