Olo Hawaiian

Bring a traditional Hawaiian takeaway into the 21st century.


1. Introduction:

Olo Hawaiian, a family-run takeaway specializing in fresh and flavorful Hawaiian cuisine, seeks a vibrant online presence to showcase its rich heritage and connect with a broader audience. Kai, the owner, envisions a website that encapsulates the essence of Hawaiian culture and effortlessly guides users through key information. The website will have three main pages: Home, About, and Order.

2. Home Page:

  • Overview: Provide a brief introduction to Olo Hawaiian, emphasizing its commitment to fresh and tasty Hawaiian food.
  • Call to Actions (CTAs): Include prominent buttons for immediate actions, such as ordering, downloading the menu, and contacting Olo Hawaiian.
  • Contact Information: Display a phone number for quick and easy customer contact.
  • Location: Include a section or map highlighting the restaurant's location.
  • Menu Download: Make the menu accessible for users to view and download.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure a user-friendly experience on both large screens and small devices.

Placeholder Content (Lipsum):
"Welcome to Olo Hawaiian, where tradition meets taste! Indulge in the flavours of Hawaii with our mouthwatering dishes made from the freshest ingredients. Download our menu, place an order, and experience the essence of Hawaiian cuisine right at your doorstep."

3. About Page:

  • Heritage: Showcase Olo Hawaiian's rich family history, spanning three generations. Highlight the tradition of passing down family recipes.
  • Sourcing: Emphasize using the freshest ingredients from Hawaii, underscoring the commitment to authenticity.
  • Visuals: Include engaging visuals, perhaps family photos or images of the sourcing process, to add a personal touch.

Placeholder Content (Lipsum):
"At Olo Hawaiian, our roots run deep. Passed down through three generations, our family recipes bring the true taste of Hawaii to your table. We take pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients directly from Hawaii, ensuring an authentic and unforgettable dining experience."

4. Order Page:

  • Phone Number: Clearly display the contact number for placing orders.
  • Order Form: Simple form fields (Name, Email, Telephone, Address) for easy and efficient order placement.
  • Menu Download: Reinforce accessibility to the menu for users to make informed choices.
  • Hawaiian Feel: Infuse a Hawaiian vibe through colour schemes, imagery, or themed graphics.

5. Audience:

Target Audience: Primarily 25-40-year-olds with a potential expansion to a younger teenage audience through a visually appealing online presence.

6. Tips:

  • Incorporate the phone number within the menu for added convenience.
  • Prioritize responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices.
  • Use stock imagery that reflects the vibrant and tropical feel of Hawaii.


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