Olo Hawaiian

Reccomended time: 3 days


It is about time we ventured into the 21st century and advertised our business online. My name is Kai and I run Olo Hawaiian. We are a takeaway Hawaiian that offers fresh, fast and very tasty food.

We are looking for a new online presence that portraits what it means to be Hawaiian. We want everything to do with our wonderful Hawaiian heritage to be encapsulated in just 3 pages:

- Home
- About
- Order

The Home page should provide an overview to the customer, with CTAs (Call to actions) used. Ideally, a phone number, menu download and location would be perfect for customers. Content has not been written by the company itself, but we are looking for around 2 paragraphs of text in total. Lipsum is fine!

The About page should convey the heritage of our business. Olo Hawaiian has been passed down through three generations of my family and we thrive off our traditional family recipes. We also source the freshest ingredients from Hawaii and really want to reiterates this fact.

The Order page will be really simple! All we recommend you add is a phone number, order form (Form fields: Name, Email, Telephone, Address, Order(paragraph input)) and a menu download.

Nothing complicated but a Hawaiian feel would be perfect. We mainly sell to 25-40 year olds, but it would be great if we could also start branching to a younger teenage audience as well through an online presence.


  • For sites like this it can be beneficial having the phone number within the menu.
  • Consider how things will work on small screens.
  • Use any stock imagery that you see fit.
  • To help find out how to submit your work, go to our How To Page.


What's needed:

    • Homepage Design
    • About Page Design
    • Order Page Design
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