Luke's Iced Coffee

Reccomended time: 5 hours


A brand new request has come through from Luke's Iced Coffees! They're looking for their first branding.

They've nailed down a recipe that they think will blow the rest of the market out of the water and now they're working on the business direction, branding and then the website (which they may want you to design after they've chosen branding).

They see their target audience as millennials, so the branding will need to be edgy and cool. They have no preference on the age of the design, as the like both modern and an older look. They're also very open on colours but are a fan of muted and pastel.


  • Their main competitor is Jimmy's Iced Coffee
  • Easily recognisable as they want people on social media to share pictures
  • This will be printed on front of the cartons


What's needed:

    • 1x Logo
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