Gary's Florists

Reccomended time: 2 days


Local florist owner, Gary, is looking to create an online presence. He would like a simple, easy to use site targeting all ages. Gary expects continuity across browsers and needs it to be responsive.

The site consists of three pages; Home, About & Contact. The site has been designed already (see the resource pack below) but needs to be built within the next 10 days! Images have been provided and just use filler text for the content. See below for the fonts Gary would like you to use:

Heading font: Playfair Display Body font: Montserrat Both available on Google fonts.

The site can be built anyway you prefer, just no drag and drop web builders such as Wix, more information here on submitting websites.


  • Just to make the site responsive like these examples
  • Make sure the site loads as fast as possible (Server speed will be ignored)
  • All links work
  • Any questions drop us a message in the live chat!


What's needed:

  • Fully working site
  • Mobile responsive
  • Favicon
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