How to submit


There's a couple of ways you can submit a website for review. Please read the rules.

1) This is our preferred way as it makes it very easy for everyone and means you'll have it to put in your portfolio. A lot of employers would like to see this way. Upload your code to a Github public repository and include the link when submitting.

2) This is another preferred way as it allows you to show off any work to potential clients and employers. This is to have a subdomain for the website also known as a development domain in the web industry ( Then all you have to do is send over a link to your development domain and we'd like to have a login to the backend (WordPress, Magento etc - Not FTP or server login) so we can check out how you work, we love to see all the different ways of developing.

3) Send the website files. This isn't preferred as it can get confusing our end! But most importantly you'll struggle to show it to potential clients and employers.


- We'd prefer if you didn't use prebuilt themes and site that make it so you can drag, drop and click for style, after all its all about development.

- When building a design, we like you to include the 'Made with Brief up' and link to us. We'd also recommend adding a 'View the brief' link alongside.


To submit your design work to us all you have to do is zip all files up and submit them in the normal place. To make this look organised (This is also good practice for when dealing with clients) it would be good if you could name the files with meaningful names.

We'd also appreciate it if you could compress any files (jpg, png, pdf etc) before sending, even if you're zipping the files up.


Coming Soon!